Welcome to my “new old blog!”  I have been working over the past couple months to install some changes to The Homespun Wife. I hope you will enjoy them and will be patient with me while I work in a new environment.  Since I wrote at the end of May, my Facebook page has grown and I have been blessed to have many new Christian friends.  What a joy this has been for me!

The month of June has been busy for the homespun family.  We have celebrated birthdays, milestones, a baby shower, trips and get-togethers with family and friends. One of the highlights of the month was our trip to Houston, Texas, where we learned new outreach tools for reaching others with the Good News of the Gospel. 

In June, our oldest twin daughter was honored with a baby shower. What a wonderful time we had as we looked ahead to the birth of Brody Forbes in August. Brody will be the fourth grandchild for my husband and me and our second grandson.  Tiny socks and little onesies, activity centers and fuzzy blankets, blue pacifiers and teeny diapers….all of these cause us to anticipate the new precious life that will soon arrive.

Natalie with friend, Kathy Natalie with sister, Kelly and niece, June

As I think about all the fun things our family has experienced in June, I can only give praise and thanks to the Lord Jesus.  I am constantly reminded that every good and perfect gift comes from His generous hand.  Through the years, through good times and bad times, through challenges and joys, Jesus is working His glorious plan in our lives.  I am still looking to Him for strength and guidance for each new day.

All things came into being through Him…   ~John 1: 3

Blessings to you all,





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