It’s December Again!

I don’t know how its happened, but it’s December again already!  It seems like I can’t keep up with the rolling tide anymore. I always have felt compelled to write longer posts for my blog.  But sometimes that task seems so daunting that I end up not writing at all.  So I am going to try a new approach!  Even if I only have a special Scripture or small thought to share, I am going to post it!

The Scripture that is near and dear to me today is one that was on my daily calendar last week.  I pulled the page off and kept it with me because it has helped and encouraged me so much.  It says:  “Our fathers trusted in thee: they trusted, and thou didst deliver them.”  How wonderful to know that we simply need to look back at how faithful God has been throughout the generations in order to be reminded that he is still faithful!  He will deliver us in our time of trouble!

Wooden fence wih Wreath




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