Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World

Raising four children has been a blessing and a challenge! One such challenge came when one of our twin daughters fell in love a couple years ago. She had dated one fella for over 4 years and this young man had become like a son to us. When they broke up, it devastated me and my husband. Not long after, our daughter came to me and told me she had fallen in love with someone new…and this someone new was of a different race. In most parts of the country, this is not uncommon. But in our small, southern town, we didn’t know one other interracial couple. The list of concerns flooded my mind and heart. Was my daughter on the rebound from her previous relationship, did my daughter understand how young she was…could I handle this? I will admit that I prayed long and hard over these issues. In the end, I recognized that my husband and I had raised all four of our young ones to be independent thinkers….and we had taught them that the only part of a person that truly matters is the heart.

Our little girl chose to get married at home, at Christmas time. Her father performed the ceremony and we both “gave her away.” Amazingly, I didn’t cry or feel sad. Instead, I felt incredibly joyous.
Today, this young couple has blessed us with a beautiful grandchild! Our oldest son also has a lovely daughter who is almost 3 now. These two gorgeous girls have transformed my hubby and me into grandparents….and what an honor and responsibility that is. The Lord is good….all the time, the Lord is good.
“Jesus loves the little children,
all the children of the world,
every color….every race…
ALL are covered by His grace.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.”


  1. What gorgeous grandchildren! I really liked this post, I loved your honesty and care. It’s a lovely story.


    1. Thank you, Sarah-Anne. Please pray for us…that we will continue to be the parents and grandparents the Lord wants us to be. Only through His strength and grace…


    1. Thank you Mrs. M! The Lord is always working on me. It’s been 47 (almost 48!) years…and He’s still not done. LOL Hope you are doing well….


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