Just Another Manic Monday!

I know it seems totally crazy that Monday has rolled around once again!  And Mondays tend to be my busiest days, as we recover around our house from the weekend madness.  But I give pause on this manic day….to say, “Thank You Jesus!”  Thank you that:  I have clothes to wash and dry, and drawers and closets where I can put them away….and that we have beds that need clean linens….and that we have dishes to wash, because we had food to eat!  If you stop to think about most of our frustrations, there is often something in there for which we can be thankful.


As I go about my day, I want to remember the Scripture from Proverbs 11:16….”A kindhearted woman gains respect…..”  Instead of being negative, I try to focus on being positive, thankful and kindhearted.   So yes, my Monday is quite manic….but I am oh so grateful for God’s wonderful blessings on me and my family!

Thanks for your comments!