Pushing Away The “Impossible”

What is your New Year’s Resolution?  We all tend to make them.  We might even resolve not to make one.  But when the calendar flips over, its almost impossible not to consider how we would like things to change.

For Christmas this year, one of my church friends bought me a beautiful little wall hanging, with pinks, greens and blues.  It has a sparkling butterfly on it, taking off in midair as if to signify freedom. It says, “For without Faith, nothing is possible…but WITH FAITH, nothing is impossible.” I considered those words as I placed the picture on the wall of my bathroom.

So many things seem impossible in this life. There is sickness and grief and despair all around.  There is heartache and fear and loneliness too. We are wracked with sin and shame and feelings of worthlessness. How do we break free?  How do we wade through each day without worry or despondency?  But our answer is right there! Without faith, we cannot do it.  But WITH FAITH, nothing is impossible.

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Our relationship to Jesus is the answer we seek! When our eyes are placed on him, then we find that all things, somehow, work out for our good. He breaks the power of sin…and crushes the enemy under his heel. He gives us the confidence we need to get up each day and carry out our duties with hope for tomorrow!

And so this is my New Year’s resolution…I will keep my eyes on the Lord!  When I get into an impossible situation, I will ask myself…”Are you still looking up?”  Don’t give up friends!  JESUS makes life doable….every single day, every single year!

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