Re-Thinking The Familiar~

Tonight I saw a Scripture that I have been familiar with since my childhood.  

Trust in the Lord sign

But I started re-thinking this familiar verse, taking it word by word.  “Trust” is a very hard word.  Especially when the Lord is asking us to trust in something we just can’t see.  When I was young, I would stand in awe as my friends would fall straight back into the arms of other friends who were waiting to catch them.  I don’t remember any of them being dropped but I still wouldn’t try it.  I was too scared.  To stand facing out and fall flat backwards into something I couldn’t see was just too hard for me to do.  And yet this is exactly what Jesus asks us to do. He has proven himself again and again….and he calls for us to trust.


He calls for us to trust “with all your heart.”  Have you ever known anyone who puts their whole heart into something?  They put everything on the line….they are all in! This is what Jesus is asking us to do.  Not just to trust~but to trust with everything we have.  


Then he asks us to do one last thing.  “Lean not on your own understanding.”  There are plenty of things I don’t understand in this world.  This week our small community lost a second young mother to cancer, in less than a year’s time.  My mind and heart can’t understand all that.  But the Lord says we aren’t to lean on our own understanding.  If we “lean” on our own understanding, that would be like falling backwards into the air with no one behind to catch us. Our understanding is very limited.  But God’s understanding is omnipotent and eternal.  


I have grown up a lot since I was a child, thank goodness.  I have been through many challenging and heart-wrenching times.  Because of those difficulties, I can testify that the Lord will catch us.  He doesn’t always explain everything when we think he should, but he offers us peace that passes all understanding.  My husband has always said that even when we understand why tough things happen, that’s not enough.  We can still be extremely upset by it.  But having the Lord’s peace is the best thing of all.

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