Remembering Snow Sundays

I remember snow Sundays.  We always went to church on Sundays but there were times when the weather was so bad that we couldn’t have worship. That’s when my dad would have “church” at home.  My brother, mom and I would sit along the sofa in the living room and dad would stand before us with the Bible and share Scripture and a word from the Lord. It was brief but it was important.  Our parents wanted us to remember the importance of regular worship.

I am fearful that these days are past. I pray that they will return. So many things take over our lives now. With technology and easy transportation and the busy-ness of our week days, making time for corporate worship doesn’t seem like a priority in families these days.

Why is worship important?  Worship is important because the Lord said it is! God commanded us to meet together and worship him and to remember what he has done. Worship brings praise to God and allows us to put life in its proper perspective. Worship is important because it gives us time for personal reflection! When we worship the Lord, we are able to feel his conviction in our hearts. We have time to examine our spirits and align them with his ways.

So on this snow Sunday, our family will worship!  We won’t all be able to be in God’s house this day.  But we can still make time to have “church” at home.

“The fear of the LORD is beginning of wisdom:  all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.”   ~Psalm 111: 10

snowy church

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