Every home has a personality, usually instilled by the woman of the house.  The first home was designed by God himself, when he made Adam, and then Eve, and placed them in the Garden of Eden.  What a lovely home he gave to them!  They had everything they would ever need right there. There was no sin or shame.  

Unfortunately, sin found its way into that beautiful haven and destroyed much of what God had intended for its inhabitants. Even so, our Father God has still given every homemaker a creative touch that is unique to her.  Whatever style she chooses for her “nest,” it should reflect her heart and provide her family with a comfortable place where they can live, rest and love with ease.

Your home may be a mansion or just a cottage.  It might be brand new or very old. Your furnishings might be modern and sleek, or worn and well-loved.  Your colors might be bright and bold, or more subdued….or just a paint bucket full of different  shades and patterns. Wherever you find yourself, make the most of it!  Be sure to put your personal, God-given touch in it….because that is a blessing for your family and other guests who visit your home.

Over the next few days, I thought I would share some of my favorite spots in our “nest.”  We are just simple, homespun people….and we are thankful to God for His blessings in our home and family.



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