When You Are Hurting

It is hard to understand anything in life when we are hurting.  Hurt comes from so many places ~ from loss, disappointment, strife, addiction, physical pain, financial struggles. When we are hurting, we want to run and hide ~ to disappear ~ to give up.

That is why it is extra hard to do what the Scripture often tells us to do:  Wait.

I believebI I beIII will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait on the Lord; be strong, and your heart be stout; wait on the Lord.
~Psalm 27: 13-14


A dear friend handed me this Scripture on a folded index card on one of the toughest days of my life. Our son had been arrested and it seemed like my whole world was crashing down.  Everything we had instilled in him appeared to be lost.  I felt lost.  The despair was bottomless.  Not only was he arrested, but he was in the fight of his life against alcohol and drug addiction ~ a problem that would last almost 10 years.  But on that day, it was at the beginning.  And if I knew what lay ahead, I would not have been able to bear up at all.

In our own strength, we can do nothing.  Not even wait.  Our humanness is overwhelming.  We fail. We stagger.  We are empty.  But with Christ, we have hope!  With him in our hearts, we have the promise that no matter what, somehow ~ someway ~ its going to be ok.  He will make beauty from the ashes of our lives.

I have been through many hard trials since the day my friend gave me this Scripture.  But I have lived to see that God’s Word is steadfast! I will see the goodness of the Lord! And I must be strong ~ not on my own strength ~ but through the power and hope of Christ my Lord.

Whatever is hurting you today, give it to him. Ask him to help you be strong, with a stout heart.  Ask him to make something beautiful of your pain.  And he will do it ~ I PROMISE.



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  1. I am hurting and am so grateful for your post today. Also grateful to be able to type this comment to someone, to you. Times are troubled for me and my family, but I will wait on the Lord. I will try to be strong and my heart be stout. Thank you for your post! ✝💜


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