My husband and I have three grandchildren, with another on the way in just a couple weeks.  We are thrilled and excited with the way God has blessed our family, even though there have been times when things were challenging and we couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

There has been enormous joy for us in watching our grandchildren grow.  Even though they are still very young, they are learning and absorbing every small thing we are teaching them. 

Our youngest granddaughter, June, just turned 2 this summer.  She lives about two hours away from us with her mom, dad and baby brother, DJ (he’s 6 months now). Fortunately, her family gets to visit with us several weekends a month and my husband and I are always amazed at how much a young child can mature in just a week or two.

When June comes, she has full run of the house.  She plays in every room, including the kitchen.  She plays on our piano and sings away, she draws all over our sidewalks with colored chalks, and she cooks up a storm in her life-sized pots and pans.  She colors, plays with bubbles and looks at books.  She loves to play with the “hi-pad,” (either her own iPad or one of ours).

In our living room, we have a small statue of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. He is kneeling down in prayer and gazing up to the Heavenly Father.  June is very fascinated by the praying Jesus.  She knows that we sing about Jesus, we pray to Jesus, and we go to church to worship Jesus.  But somehow in her mind, this tangible Jesus has made a great impression.


My daughter called me late one night this week.  She informed me that during nighttime prayers, June had looked up at her and said, “Jesus is at Mimi’s and Papa’s house.”  Kelly tried to explain that Jesus was everywhere and that the most important place for Jesus was in our hearts.  But June insisted, “No Mommy!  Jesus is a Mimi’s and Papa’s house.  He is Papa’s Jesus!”

My heart had to smile as I thought about little June and her young perception of Jesus.  But what is our grown up perception of Jesus?  Can people say that they know Jesus because of you? Because of me?

Where is Jesus in your life?




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      Thank you Lexie! We love her to pieces. She is definitely a sweetie. Thanks for stopping by tonight 🙂


  1. Love your posting for today. Quite a lesson to be learned.

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      Thank you Linda. It certainly gives me something to think about….I hope people will identify me with Jesus! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment!


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