Why Is Sunday Holy?

I have gone to church on Sundays almost my whole life long.  We were taught that the Jewish people honored “the Sabbath,” which was on Saturday and not Sunday.  In Sunday School, the teachers explained that when Jesus resurrected on Sunday, that the day of worship for Christians was moved to Sunday and that this was the new day to honor the Lord through worship and reverence.  

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Growing up, I noticed my parents always treated Sundays more special than the other days.  Mother didn’t wash or iron, or do any other work except prepare lunch.  My father was a minister, so Sunday was like a work day for him but he still set apart the day from the others in the week.  He didn’t cut grass, water the lawn or do household chores.  


Unfortunately, those days are gone.  We now treat the weekends like “catch-up” days.  People do all kinds of things on Sundays, including taking their children to play ball, doing yard work and heading to the lake or the beach. It is very challenging now to set apart Sunday…or any day…as “holy.”


So why should we observe a holy day?  Its obvious that worship is important to the Lord.  God even placed it in the ten commandments.  In Jeremiah 17: 21 ff, it says, “This is what the LORD says:  Be careful not to carry a load on the Sabbath day or bring it through the gates of Jerusalem…..Keep the Sabbath day holy, as I commanded your forefathers.”  So what did the people do in response to this command: “Yet they did not listen or pay attention; they were stiff-necked and would not listen or respond to discipline.”


We would be wise, as women of God, to teach our little ones to honor the holy day of the Lord.  He knew that if we did not set apart a day for worship and attention to God’s Word, that we would soon forget him and his commands.  We should teach our children and grandchildren that whatever is important to God is important to us.  We can do this by setting rules and limitations on what we will and will not do on Sundays, or any other complete day that we set apart as our “Sabbath.”  


Teach your children and grandchildren by example.  If we don’t follow the Lord’s commands, then how can they? The Lord warned the people in Jeremiah that if they continued to disobey this command, that he would send an “unquenchable fire” throughout Jerusalem that would consume her.  There are always consequences for our actions.  Could it be that this is why our families are suffering today?  Is this why our nation if falling away?


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  1. This is excellent. There still are some denominations that continue this command. We need to identify more with them.


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